I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the professional and exemplary emergency care that Dr. Susan Napoleon administered to me last month. I suddenly lost sight in one eye while on a weekend trip at the Finger Lakes. The ER consulted with Dr. Napoleon and arranged for us to meet her at her office late Saturday night. Dr. Napoleon was there waiting for me when we found our way to Newark. She swiftly diagnosed my retinal tear and consulted quickly with a specialist in the area. She was more than professional and kind during my time of great fear and went the extra mile to console me and put me at ease that everything would turn out ok and that I would be in good hands. As we were out of state tourists, she gave us explicit directions to the specialist’s office. That specialist turned out to be just as terrific, meeting us after hours as well. I am happy to say that my vision was saved, and I owe a lot of the positive outcome to the care given by Dr. Susan Napoleon. Thank you!! What a wonderful doctor she is!